Vatic Publishing®, LLC

Vatic Publishing®, LLC provides a personal touch and individual guidance to the publishing and editing processes. Founded in 2013, our commitment to excellence, coupled with a personable and grounded approach to assisting authors, is what sets us apart. 

Vatic Publishing® provides the following services:

Book publishing

e-Book publishing

Content editing


Line editing


Many people who have a desire to write find it frustrating, or even too "nit-picky," to perform the necessary editing tasks for their own manuscripts. If that describes you, we can assist in this area. It is important that your work be presented to the world as a polished, well written work of art so that your readers will fully enjoy what you are sharing. Therefore, editing your book, website, etc. is NOT an option. When your writing flows beautifully and seamlessly, readers will enjoy it, and when they enjoy it they will be back for more!

Allow Vatic Publishing® to take your writing to its next level!