Carlton Jakes' Bio


Carlton Jakes

Carlton Jakes was born in Columbus, Georgia. He served with the US Navy for 12 years, completing a total of 4 tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively. He is engaged to a beautiful young lady who is also a Navy veteran. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, in February 2013, and a son in July 2015. As a child, Carlton always had a passion for art. He says, “When Saturday morning cartoons were over, I would pull out my pencil and a few sheets of paper, and continue where the show would leave off. After elementary school, all the skills I would learn would come from never being satisfied with my current level.” Carlton draws his inspiration from a variety of comic books and artists, including Spider-Man, Batman, Stanley Lau (Capcom®, DC Comics™), Omar Dogan (Udon Entertainment), and Akira Toriyama (Dragonball Z). Not only does he use their art for inspiration, he also looks at it in a competitive light. Having a "can't lose" mentality keeps a fire lit inside of him that would only benefit his art in the long run.

Carlton is currently working on a portfolio in hopes of one day being able to contribute to DC or Marvel comics. Look for him on Instagram (@rogue_samurai).