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Vatic Publishing® is currently accepting submissions for our Winter 2018 issue of VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation! 

1. Submissions for the VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation Spring 2019 issue must be submitted no later than midnight Sunday, February 24, 2019 to be considered for publication. By submitting an entry to Vatic Publishing®, you agree to have your writings edited for grammatical and spelling errors. Editing will not be designed to change your content. However, in the rare instance when there is a suggestion for content editing, the author will be notified so that we may request your expressed written permission to make specific changes to your content. This is not intended to control or stifle the creativity of our contributors, but to ensure clarity, quality, and to protect the integrity of our brand as an organization who is seeking to provide editing services for clients in need of them. *Note: It is not uncommon for contributors to submit more than one piece of literature at one time. This enables us to choose the entry that is best suited for each issue, and prevents you, the contributor, from having to submit a new entry for each deadline. This works particularly well for poets and short story authors who have multiple writings already prepared.

2. Each contributor will have your own biography, which will appear separately from your submission. Please send a prepared biography telling us all about who you are, as well as any service/business/ministry/cause you would like for your readers to be made aware of. In the event you do not have a prepared bio, and/or are not comfortable creating one for yourself, please send the basic information and we will prepare a bio for you, ensuring it is to your liking prior to publishing it on the site. If you plan to make a submission, your bio must be sent to us on or before the submission due date.

3. Along with your bio, please also send a high quality digital photo to appear on the site. If you are very shy, have a business logo you would rather use, a nice photo of a product you sell, etc., and do not wish to use a personal photo of yourself, feel free to send a digital copy of that image, instead. As long as it is a good quality digital image (not a scan), and belongs to you (not stock or “borrowed” photography/images), we will be able to use whatever image you’d like.

4. As of March 2018, Vatic Publishing® will offer a $20 cash payment to contributors whose content is accepted for publication in our e-periodical. Payment will be made via PayPal within 7 business days of publication. Contributors agree to accept payment offered exchange for having their content published in the Vatic Publishing® e-periodical. In order to receive compensation for an entry, contributors must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Any and all content submitted to Vatic Publishing® must be the original creation of the contributor. Any discovery of plagiarism will result in legal action to include reimbursement of stipend(s) paid by and any applicable legal fees billed to Vatic Publishing®, LLC.

  2. As a contributor to the Vatic Publishing® e-periodical, you agree to either

    1. Submit ONLY original content that has not been published in any other online and/or print media, OR

    2. Include with your submission a "This content has been published elsewhere, and is not eligible for payment." disclosure.**

  3. Content submitted to Vatic Publishing® for use in the e-periodical that is not included in the issue for which it is submitted is not necessarily "rejected," and is subject to appear in a future issue. Such content will be held in a "publication postponed" file.

    1. Contributors who have submitted content with a "publication postponed" status will be paid at the time of its publication.

  4. Excerpts from books that were not edited by Vatic Publishing®, LLC are welcomed for submission in our e-periodical. However, submission of this material is subject to editing by Vatic Publishing® and, where errors are detected, the text will not be identical to the actual book excerpt in appearance. In such instances, a disclaimer stating that Vatic Publishing®, LLC was not the editor of said book will appear under the entry.

**Note: Written content that does not meet the exclusivity requirement for payment will also be considered for publication. Therefore, if your written content is published in other places online and/or in print, and you wish to publish with us for additional exposure, only, simply disclose this information along with your submission, and you will still be eligible for inclusion, without pay, in an upcoming issue. 

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