VATIC Expressions

Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume IV, Spring 2018 Issue


by Isis Brown

Today, I choose love over your last name.
I decided to go with joy and walk away from pain.
No need to apologize, you were just being you.
Don't get mad. I'm doing me, too.
Save your tears and explanations, no disrespect.
Your actions reveal your words as empty rhetoric.
I've taken off the glasses, though perfectly fitted and rosy,
To find you controlling, messy and loathing.
But as I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize
The person I've become, battered and scarred by your lies.
Right now I've decided there will be no more tears.
Taking my life back, you get no more years
Of my prayers for change, convincing myself to stay.
You only adapt long enough to get your way.
I believed in you, even when they called me insane.
But today, I choose self-love over your last name.
Your name never brought me comfort when you broke my heart,
So I no longer need it, I'm making a new start.
You can have it back to distribute as you please.
I'm moving on without it and there's no stopping me.
Me, myself, and I are learning to love without condition.
Feels good to get in my ride without asking your permission.
These days I hug myself and I don't need a reason.
Progressing with self-love walking in my season.
Done with all your drama and your playa-playa games.
Today I choose self-love over your last name.

© 2010 Isis Brown

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