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Mauris Emeka

Mauris Emeka is a retired U.S. Army Officer, retired Amtrak Trainman, and published author who holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. After losing his beloved wife of thirty-six years to cancer, Mr. Emeka spent considerable time researching natural alternatives that can prevent and help the body overcome cancer. Mr. Emeka’s books about cancer and nutrition, Fear Cancer No More (©2013) and Cancer's Best Medicine (©2008), have been very well received by health-conscious readers and are available for sale at,,, and 

In addition to these publications, Mr. Emeka has also written Amtraking: A Guide to Enjoyable Train Travel (©1994) and Heart & Soul of the Train (©1999), also available at Train travel has always been one of his favorite pastimes, but what he is most passionate about is sharing information for strengthening the body’s healing power so that cancer is not welcomed. For more information, visit Mr. Emeka online at