Cicely Wilson's Bio


Cicely Victoria

Cicely Victoria, prominently known as “The Firestarter,” was born and raised in Chicago. As owner and founder of Passion International, Cicely specializes in empowerment and energy leadership. As a Certified Professional Coach and Counselor she is passionate about the subject of identity. Renowned for her work within the teen and young adult communities, Cicely is an equipper of people and revealer of truth and wisdom. The mission of Passion International is focused on helping people PRESS INTO PERSONAL POWER. Through the power of coaching and counseling, The Firestarter helps, trains, and equips people to find their voice of identity so they can stop “people pleasing” and be empowered in courage, confidence, and communication! Cicely Victoria provides counseling, consulting, and coaching services to individuals, groups, schools, businesses and various other organizations.

For additional information on Passion International, visit Cicely online at To contact Cicely, write to her at or call 708-397-6722.