Penny Ojeda's Bio

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Penny Ojeda

A native of Paso Robles, California, Penny Ojeda worked as a Before-and-After School Care provider and Preschool teacher for eighteen years prior to opting for a career change to her current position. A member of the support team for a car dealership, her delightful personality creates a welcoming atmosphere and memorable experience for the customers she comes in contact with as she works in the office and drives the company shuttle. Penny continues to reside in Paso Robles with her aging parents, and she has one older brother. Penny came to know the Lord at the age of twenty-five, and was drawn to establish a close relationship with Him following her father’s accident. In 1989, Penny’s Dad suffered a heat stroke and fell to the ground striking his head, which caused a seizure disorder, rendering him disabled and incapable of driving. While continuing to be very independent, both of her parents depend on Penny for assistance, as her mother also lives with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is a condition that causes Penny’s Mom to be vulnerable to things many of us may consider “small,” such as the common cold, as her lungs are very fragile. Having never married, Penny considers Jesus to be her Husband, and she has loved Him dearly for over twenty years. Formerly a Catholic believer, she began to fellowship and serve as a non-denominational Protestant in 2010. About herself, Penny says “I love to read, fellowship, and watch “clean” movies like Hallmark, or Christian movies.” It is her hearts’ desire to see people healed and the Body of Christ made whole and strong. She loves people, and is an immeasurable blessing in the lives of those around her.