Patricia McClure-Chessier

Award-Winning Author

“VATIC Publishing® did both the proofreading and editing for my book The Caregiver's Guide for Alzheimer's & Dementia: 9 Key Principles. I am a perfectionist and want everything that I do to be done in the "Spirit of Excellence." I must admit that VATIC Publishing® exceeded my expectations! I can really appreciate the Editor-in-Chief’s authenticity, timeliness, and recommendations which took my project to a higher level of quality! I look forward to future collaborations with this company!”

Zaneta Searles

CEO/Principle of LifeOrganics, Inc.

"Val is so talented! She has been an asset to our company and me, personally. She has written and edited many things for us over the years. Blogs, resumes, articles, website content... you name it! I highly recommend her editing and writing services. Val provides a second set of eyes and helpful insight on any type of writing assignment or project. Since I've worked with her, I look at things differently as I pick up techniques for making my own writing better. She is a precious resource and phenomenal editor/writer."

Necia Stallworth

Motivational Speaker and Author

"Val is a very reliable editor. She is exceptional, prompt, and gives you what you need when it comes to editing. She listens carefully, and will even pray with you. I’m thankful for her because the times when I needed Val, she was there. Her selfless acts of kindness, to put her self aside and place me first, I will never forget. Whenever I called, she answered. She is truly a gift from above and I would recommend everyone, if they could, to work with Val and experience this sweet soul. She is truly a gift."

Lynn Alaimalo


"Kuraisi!!! Lovefolds of our Upbringing was picked up by VATIC Publishing® for reviews & edits! VP is the perfect company to publish from."

"I used to think I couldn't write well, or express myself in a way that people would really, truly understand. I have failed English 102 twice and pretty much gave up on writing anything unless it was absolutely necessary. That is when I met Val. We became really close friends/sisters and over the years, with her help, I have learned to trust in my abilities to communicate and write efficiently. After dodging it for almost ten years, I took English 102 again and earned an “A.” No matter how many times I wanted her to write the papers for me, she never did. She told me that I could do it and that I had to believe in myself. In my opinion, Val is a gifted writer, editor, and person. She has blessed my life in many ways. In all honesty, it is because of God and her that I am a Registered Nurse today."

LaSandra Garner-Wells

Registered Nurse and Owner of Joy and Peace Designs

"Hi Val. Thanks SO VERY MUCH for featuring my information on your website. I'm glad we met. As you know, it's my passion to share important information for strengthening the body's healing power."

Mauris Emeka


"I am thankful to Val for offering the opportunity to publish the articles God has led me to write. She is a trustworthy, blunt editor. I appreciate that."

Laura Frohmader


"Distinct voices are invaluable in today's stratosphere; there is so much noise that is indistinguishable, and it's mostly due to so many people all saying the same thing, blindly being led by each other.

Valerie Thompson-Walker is one of the unique voices for two reasons: 1) she has a message that is unconventional by current standards, and 2) she helps others find, maintain, and expand their voices. Through the use of finely-honed, GOD-given gifts and skill sets in the areas of journalism and editing (to name a few), Valerie is well capable of preserving the integrity of an author's message, while helping them to present the very best version of that message.

A consummate professional who understands the importance of quality work and turnaround times, Valerie is a visionary whose services and expertise I would gladly recommend and refer to those seeking to stand up and out on platforms both small and great."

David Eagles

Author and Musician

"Working with Val and the Vatic family has been nothing less than a blessing for me. Val has offered me the opportunity to be stretched in my craft as a writer and creative on a regular basis, and any artist would agree that is invaluable. In addition to that, being able to have professional editing and publishing offered free of charge for my writings and creations is equally priceless. I want to thank Val for her ceaseless labor of love, passion, and innovation within her writing community and for writers abroad. Being professional, excellent, accurate, and distinct, she is indeed a diamond in the ocean of creatives and a most valuable gem to behold."

Cicely Wilson

Founder of Passion International

"After publishing my first novel, God's Holy Spirit: Maturing Believers for The Building of His Kingdom, I was on a search for ways to market my book. Vatic Expressions, an online publication of VATIC Publishing® Company, gave me something more than marketing my book to the world. They allowed me an opportunity to begin submitting other writings such as poems, short articles, and real life reflections. With a large viewing audience, Vatic Expressions has exposed my writings to thousands of readers from all around the world!

Whenever there was a new challenge in my life, whether good or bad, or a life experience that I was facing, I was able to write about them. VATIC Publishing® published some of my writings and the feedback that I received was truly rewarding, because what I wrote about touched peoples lives.

Thank you, VATIC Publishing,® for giving my writings a voice in this world!"

Tina Augustus

Author and Founder of Elevate Services

"My name is Penny Ojeda. I have had the blessing of working with Val Thompson-Walker while writing for her website through VATIC Publishing®. I have found that Val is really good asking me questions and helping rewrite my stories in a way that the readers can understand. It has not been my strength to articulate what I mean, but Val has helped me so much. Val is also willing to challenge me and ask me hard questions about the direction or perspective of what I write."

Penny Ojeda


"I was extremely honored when asked to be a part of the Vatic family because I've always wanted to share my thoughts and just didn't know how. Val made it extremely easy and comfortable for me to express myself and be a blessing to others. She took careful time to edit my work and send back any corrections she felt would make it stand out more. In some ways this experience helped me gain a voice and to not be afraid to share life's journeys, as it will benefit someone else in need."

Ebony Roberts

Stylist/Educator of NK Artistry Salon