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Volume 1, Fall 2015 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

The Power of Choice

by Brian Oneil

choice / chois/• n. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities: the choice between good and evil.

I often say that you can find truth anywhere if you are open to see it. I was in my truck the other day waiting for my wife to come out of the store. I looked at the display in front of me and my eyes navigated to the gear selection box. P for park, n for neutral, r for reverse, d for drive, d1 and d2 for incline driving. Each selection has its own purpose. We get to choose the function that best fits our current situation when driving.  

Park is the choice for beginning or ending a trip. Drive is the only option for moving forward without hindrance or “drag” of any kind. Neutral is the gear in which we are halted between opinions, reverse allows us to move in the opposite direction of forward, either to park or access a destination we may have passed up, and drive 1 and drive 2 give us better control when driving uphill or down. The Lord spoke to me about the frequency of choice that we engage in unawares. We get to choose the function that best fits our situation when it comes to life, also. Two things stood out:  one is to make a choice that will best release purpose for what we are trying to do, and the other is to know what we are trying to do. To put the car in reverse when we desire to go forward would be counterproductive. So is trying to love with a heart that is stuck in hate, trying to forgive without understanding, or trying to live for God without knowing God.

Choice releases purpose. Being clear on where we are going and what we are trying to do will help us make the appropriate choices. I'm convinced that most people are in “neutral” when it comes to life. The engine is running, but the vehicle is not in motion. We are not any closer to our dreams than we were last year. This is often the result of the lack of exploring our options, or a failure to shift gear. Being stuck is a choice also. If we would see better days, let us set the destination of our dreams and release the power of choice!

What choice do you need to make today?

What will be your turning point?

© 2015 Brian O'Neil

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September 23, 2015 Laquisha at **love8@***.com said:


Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!


September 18, 2015 Dani at **dannij@***.com said:

Switching Gears

My God, what an awesome analogy of sorts! Thank you for sharing this wonderful word. I will forever be reminded of my current state and my mission in life as I drive to and fro... daily. Thank you.