VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 1, Fall 2015 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

An Invitation to Wholeness

by Cicely Wilson

I used to be a rejected, people-pleasing perfectionist. I had little to no value for myself and wasn’t convinced of my self-worth. This confusion caused me to “look for love in all of the wrong places.” Having the need to be affirmed by others, I was a YES girl; feeling as if I needed to eat everything that anyone put on my plate. I had to help everyone, be there for everyone, be available to everyone, consequently causing me to be used by everyone for whatever they needed from me at the time. Happy to morph because I had no clear identity of my own, I gave a lot of my life away in the hopes that I would receive the exchange of happiness and love, only to discover that such a promise was ALL A LIE. Oh sure, I was accomplishing a lot on the outside, but truthfully I was shipwrecked on the inside; constantly compromising the best version of myself that I knew I could be.

 Nothing changed for me until I got mad as hell about how I kept finding myself in situations where I was left unhappy, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and EMPTY. Mad enough that I started to do something about it. I started to track my patterns, my behaviors, my bad habits and started to put together strategies to put a stop to the MADness! I had to establish accountability for myself, set boundaries, and STICK TO THEM. I had to stop saying YES to everything that was attempted to be placed on my plate, from a dead end relationship, busy work, entitlement, etc. I had to stop feeling as if I owed somebody ANYTHING more than that which was worth my time or that was reasonable to give. I had to love and accept me and know that I was MORE than enough.  

It started within my personal life first, and then I began to conduct Identity Workshops. These workshops trained young adult women to find their voice, walk in their truth, and empower themselves to know more about who they truly are so that they can be the best version of themselves every day. Shortly after, I acquired a double Master’s degree in Counseling and became a Certified Life Coach in order to fortify the skills that I learned from the school of “hard knocks.” This enabled me to become a great asset to my clients in the most strategic and effective manner possible. Today, I am an Empowerment Coach and better known as “The Pathfinder.”  While being the owner of Passion International as an Empowerment Coach and Reformer, for the rest of my life I will be equipping and empowering people to live intentionally in being the best version of themselves-- in purpose and on purpose, EVERYDAY. Nothing brings me greater joy than to stand side by side with you in this transformative work… allow me to help you make this happen for yourself. Let’s get started TODAY.

© 2015 Cicely Wilson

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