VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 1, Fall 2015 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

Love's Call

by Tina Steele

Love calls

with a voice that penetrates

the silent noise of my past....

Shattering brokenness, giving me peace

and wholeness that lasts

through transitions that take me from here to there.

Through processes that make me

undress and stand aware

of Love's call.


To a life of purity

that makes each mistake and pain

quake as they attempt to tarnish my heart

with their stain.

To constantly remind me of how often

I miss the mark.

But somehow, while in the storm

and fumbling through the dark

Love calls...

Me out of the shadows

of expectations and unjust judgment.

Away from the longing to have something

and be something, not meant

for me to have and to hold,

to keep and to be.

I'm shielded from this ungodly distorted picture of me

by Love's call.

© 2015 Tina Steele

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November 16, 2015 Danita at dewideman@***.net said:

Tina Steele

Beautiful, brilliant, honest!!! 


November 14, 2015 Annette at mbswanet@***.com said: 

Love's Call by Tina Steele

This was an absolutely beautiful piece defining the call of Love. Tina so eloquently expressed such great feeling and emotion. This writing takes the reader to a wonderful place of self-reflection, so that they too can hear and know when Love Calls! Great job Tina! 


November 12, 2015 Zannoah at zandustry@***.com said:

The poem by Tina Steele

I have to admit I can understand the author's feelings because I have seen and felt the transformation of God's love. When I gave birth to my son earlier this year. It was a horrible pregnancy and labor, but I fell in love when I saw him. Not just everyday cheap lip service love. This little man has transformed me from a selfish impatient person into a person with a big giving heart. I finally see what unconditional love is and it was only God who allowed me experience it.