VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 1, Spring 2015 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

As Unto the Lord  

Penny Ojeda

Three years ago the Lord gave me a job after being unemployed for a year. It doesn't pay a lot, but it pays more than having no job at all. Recently I found myself irritated with my co-workers because they kept giving me work that requires me to have a later lunch, or work over my scheduled eight hour shift. I was not happy with my job or my co-workers, which left me feeling unfulfilled at work. I had to remind myself that, in reality, fulfillment does not come from work or other people. Fulfillment is the fruit of intimacy with the Lord. I started having a bad attitude towards work and co-workers. I was frustrated very easily, and wanted to quit my job. However, in a quiet time with the Lord, that He reminded me I was looking at my job, and the people’s flaws, in the wrong light. Then I thought, “Oh, Lord, I forgot that I serve You in this job and in every area of my life. Yes, I can do my part to resolve these issues by setting boundaries, and I can communicate my needs better.” When I choose to respond with the right behavior and attitude, I serve the Lord. I started to have joy instead of frustration. I can choose to do my job as unto the Lord. My Pastor says to see people by the Spirit and not the flesh, to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. I have been praying “Lord show me what that looks like. Do I see people's flaws and not their potential? Do I respond by the flesh or by the Spirit?” My flesh doesn't want to work more, but sometimes that last assignment of the day is a person who has struggles of their own, and if I can impart a smile, listen, or silently pray for them, then my job is done for the Lord’s Glory, and I have done it as serving unto the Lord.

© 2015 Penny Ojeda

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Thanks for sharing such a good word Penny!