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The following excerpt is the Introduction of the book A Silent Cry: The Inner Soul of a Worshiper by Yvette Bannister. 


A Silent Cry: The inner soul of a worshiper. What is it about crying that often makes you feel better? What is it about worship that places you in the presence of God? Crying symbolizes purifying, while worship invokes the presence of God. Everyone, at some point or another, will experience tribulation, challenges, hurt, and pain. It’s inevitable. However, in the midst of it, we who are believers can worship. Crying works hand in hand with your mind. In order for tears to form, something must trigger it. Your mind, the process of what you think, provokes tears. Have you ever seen a person cry for, seemingly, no reason? It is impossible; something must be on the forefront of your mind in order for tears to form. Many times we cry over things that we cannot change, yet for some reason we think if we cry, hopefully the situation and/or the person will change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Worship, on the other hand, not only changes you, but in many instances, also changes the situation. One thing I recognized about my personal relationship with God is that worship permeates my thought process and how I view certain situation. Worship kept Jesus’ mind focused on what He was destined to do. Although His environment or circumstances were not pleasurable as He journeyed to the cross, He purified Himself through tears and remained consistent, through worship, to fulfill His destiny. It is my heart’s desire for those who will [join] with me as we cry, worship, and pray, that [our] souls will continue to change for the better, and purpose is fulfilled. 

© 2014 Yvette Bannister

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