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Volume 1, Summer 2015 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

Once wise....

by Tina Steele

“Once a wise man, always a wise man,”

So the saying goes.

But trusting in fleshly wisdom

will land you in a place filled with woes.

 See, true wisdom that never fails

cannot be attained by man,

for it is a gift, given liberally by God to the faithful,

straight from His hand.

 Many have sought to purchase it,

many have tried to explain it away,

still there are those who think they can find it in the world,

thus they’ve gone astray.

Once a wise man... knew

where to find everlasting joy and peace.

Once a wise man… knew

real power came from dropping to his knees.

Once a wise man… knew

his sins had been washed clean

and that there was truly a God

on Whom he could lean.

Perhaps this wise man wasn’t so wise

in the tricks that the enemy plays.

Maybe he didn’t see the warning signs

or hear the caution that came his way.

 Overwhelmed by the greatness that exists

in his imperfect, mortal shell--

dismayed by the mistakes, too many promises broken,

too many saw when he fell.

 This man, once a wise man,

rejected, neglected by those he loved,

seeking solace, shelter and safety,

not wanting to call God above

This wise man cries out,

“But I’ve turned my back on You!

I’ve made a mess of my life.

There’s nothing left for me to do

 except embrace the life I’ve made

and try to die quietly.

But wisdom raises her voice in loud intercession--

she won’t let me


Once a wise man lost his way

and feared his great demise.

He learned that he who can face his failures

with faith and forgiveness

is the one who is wise.

© 2007 Tina Steele

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July 22, 2015 Tina at tinaaugustus@***.net said:

Once A Wise Man

Tina, your poem, "Once a Wise Man," shows us how much love and forgiveness God has for His people. A proud attitude can often times be mistaken for a person who is wise. We must humble ourselves daily and seek His face. Thank you for reminding us how fragile man is and how great of a God we have. 


July 20, 2015 Cicely at elochara@***.com said:


Best lesson learned... NEVER think one has arrived!!!