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What About "Us?"

by David Eagles

Suffice it to say, things continue to become increasingly backward.  In what regard, you ask?  In this: an entity that God ordained and created to affect and infect a dying world has allowed that dying world to affect and infect it.  "We" were to be at the forefront; "we" were to cultivate change and culture creativity, "we" were to execute the already established, "we" were to be an unmovable force because of our immutable principles, "we" were....  Perhaps the greatest ill the church has allowed to enter its doors and pews and pulpits and boardrooms and choir stands and outreach plans is the sickness of individuality; conceiving and giving birth to the absence of "we.”

The world, and its god, hate uniformity (as an agent of change- it doesn't mind co-workers dressing the same, but has a problem with churches speaking or living the same), because it is the offspring of unity.  Popular culture misunderstands and, as a result, taints the true meaning and purpose of community, thereby weakening the effect and tarnishing the reputation of unity.  The Church, largely more ineffective than ever, has allowed the fight against a "we" culture to not only continue, but to be welcomed as the idols we now worship are no longer called Baal, but "me,” "my,” and "I.” There was a time where people were afraid to tell God "no;” now, because we've lost that fear of God, we'll tell people "no" and champion it, forgetting that what "we" do to others we also do to the Lord, Himself. What happened to "Us???"

 Consider this next statement, and please take a moment to drink this all in: we won't serve a God of "me" or "my" until we serve a GOD of "us.”

What did Jesus tell Peter?  After you've been restored, go and strengthen the bretheren (Luke 22:32).  What does the scripture say?  Let every man seek  another man's wealth.  What does the Word of God give us to know about forgiveness of even approaching God?  If you have an ought with your brother, go and address that before offering your gift to God; if you don't forgive from heart, your Father in Heaven won't forgive you (Matt.6:15, Matt.18:35).  Don't we see the connection?  There is no "me" without "us.” There is no prospering without people; there is no movement without unity.  Do you realize that God paused the movement of the entire camp of Israel when Miriam and Aaron, doing their own thing, sinned against God by talking against His appointed leadership, and found themselves leprous (Num.12:1-15)?  Movements stop when individuals focus on being individuals.  Your individuality is only for the purpose of ministering to those who won't receive what God is saying through anyone else.  It isn’t to be lauded, worshipped, or defended in opposition to the Word of God.  People try to rewrite the Bible on a daily basis with the way they live.  Just because "we" don't like folks doesn't mean that God isn't still telling us to join together with them.  Just because "we" experience hurt in our past at the hands of others doesn't mean God isn't saying look beyond that; trust, again. People need people, and the Bible bears that out.  Anything and everything we do concerning God is directly connected to what we do for and with His people.  You don't grow without people.  Without people, you don't realize you need to grow.  What many of "us" miss when it comes to the importance of unity is this: while individually we are imperfect, together we can perfect that which God is looking for. 

What I really don't want to happen come Judgment Day is not only for God to begin to show me all the things I missed out on, left undone, times I missed hearing Him, or the times I ignored Him; I think, for me, what would hurt the most would be for God to allow me to see all the people I failed to minister to and help, not in and out of the church, all bunched together clamoring and calling out, "What about us???"  Seriously: it's time to return to being concerned with what matters to God, and letting go of what doesn't. That may start with "me,” but it will always end with "us.”  Let's not forget.

© 2015 David Eagles

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July 6, 2015 Penny at penny.ojeda@***.com said:

David Eagles Writing

Great message. Thank You. We need each other.


July 5, 2015 Cicely at elochara@***.com said: 


"Without people, you don't realize you need to grow." So deeply true.... excellent truth spoken my brother.... a hard one to embrace by the scarred human indeed. MUCH NEEDED. I loved the visual at the end, "What about us??" WOW.... SOBERING. Thank you for the reminder of what it is all about. Amen.