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Trusting the Process

by Ebony Roberts

I like to think that I'm in charge of my life most times, but quite the contrary. God has a process for me, and sometimes my strong will (flesh) wants to do what it wants. I think it's right, but sometimes I'm moving so fast I don't stop to consult with the One who gave me the desire in the first place. God has a fail proof process for us all if we obey His requests in faith and with a willing heart.

 Are you open to God's process for you? Do you have a mustard seed of faith in His process/plan for your life? Do you want to fall out of agreement with fear? Process is defined as "a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end." I understand that His process can be very radical at times, but my belief is that is what makes us strong in Him. It gives us courage, causes humility, strengthens us and, above all else, He gets the glory when we are totally surrendered to it. The apostle Paul says “I want to do what's right, but I don't...” (see Romans 7:14-25). Our fleshly desires can be a bit tricky at times, but God's plans and purposes outweigh any trick/trap the enemy will try and set for us, and even the traps of our sinful nature. God's desire is that we choose Him, that we choose life... “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!" (Deuteronomy 30:19 NLT)

Do you believe that God wants you to live life abundantly? Since abundantly means "in large quantities; plentifully,” then we have to trust and believe God has and is more than enough in all situations we face. That is the good news. Isn't that awesome, that someone loves us enough to go beyond what our minds can conceive to bless us with an abundant life? I know some of you may read this and are in, or facing, a difficult time, but God wants you to know that you are not forgotten. His plan is for you as well, for all of us, and His purpose and His plan in and through your life WILL come to pass. “Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21 AMP)

 Will you accept His process?

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