VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 2, Fall 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

Lost still...

by Frank Wilk

Kneeling and reeling...
about this feeling that I'm feeling.

Staring at the ceiling, I am seeing what's appealing,   wondering if it is a real feeling at all.

Empty in this room of thought… got me locked up in a cage of
“Why and why not?
Am I not the kind of person to be living alone…?”

But, these chains got me chained up in this 

prison that is my home.

Where will I be?

Do I have to pretend to be someone else and not be me?


Lie to myself if it finds me. 

Find me in this spell that binds me.

Truth of the matter is...

I'm lost in where I am going and what I'm destined to be.

Is this reality really in front of me?

Or... is it the perception of the reality that my heart is lending itself to see?

Truth is tangible. I feel it. 

Though the touch of it sometimes slips through my fingers.

The stench of it wreaks.

Its odor lingers.

The truth remains
As the rain pours down on my head.

It cleanses my heart...
My soul...

This is not a heart that is dead.

This heart is alive with fight.

No hole at the bottom.
It is filled with might.

This home can still have silence in the night.

Believe it to be true.

There is no one out there to say it.

No one to help you see it.

You just need to be you.

© 2016 Frank Wilk

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