VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 2, Spring 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 


by Harvette Keen

We face so much adversity in our lives that we forget God does, indeed, have a plan for our lives! The problem occurs when His plans and our plans don't match. We think we can circumvent His plans, and for a minute it appears to be working. Then, all of sudden, the house (life) you constructed comes crashing down all around you. Not to be outdone, you reconstruct another house and it comes crashing down, too! You don't realize that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. So heartbreak after heartbreak, disappointment after disappointment, you cry "Why, God? Why?" He is such a loving Father, He shows you the life He has for you… a life of peace and security. The very thing you were trying to obtain on your own. He explains that outside of Him everything is temporary. Those experiences were necessary for your growth and development. Those experiences are testimonies you can share with someone else to help them, encourage them and maybe even prevent them from making the same choices. You can stop existing and start truly LIVING! All things are possible to them that BELIEVE! 

Will you believe?

© 2015 Harvette Keene

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