VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 2, Spring 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

Birth of a Worshiper

by Tina Steele

Longing to be held, not told a word.

Earnestly seeking that reassurance that can only be heard

With the heart.

 Missing that sense of knowing love

In it purest form from way above

This natural realm.

 Wanting love, not knowing love leaves a hole

That slowly dissolves a man, both body and soul,

Into a mere shell.

 Though surrounded by hope and purpose for life

This loveless shell of a man has lost his fight

For love, for freedom, for God.

Numb and unclear about what’s actually real.

Afraid to come out of the hole and really feel

What life is like on both sides of love.

 So many voices with so much to say

He shuts them ALL out, slaps them away--

The good along with the bad.

 The pulling, the tearing at the desires of flesh,

The struggle, the fight, the endless unrest,

Until the yielding…

Love’s finally conquering, finally winning the battle.

Chains of lies and deceit begin to rattle

As the light overtakes them.

 Whispers of passion, forgiveness and trust

Urge steps towards the Master where only total surrender erupts

And begins to unearth the man.

 Breaths of purity flush out his lungs,

Righteousness reigns where self-hate once hung

As an ornament of shame.

 Desire, drive and inspiration are resuscitated with care.

New love and life overshadow where

Despair and doubt once reigned.

 Stepping forward towards destiny in faith,

With rear guards of pure mercy and grace,

The warrior emerges

 Enveloped by love and armed for the fight,

Walking in total victory, authority and might,

The worshiper goes forth!

 © 2013 Tina Steele

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