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Volume 2, Spring 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

Are You Being Forced From the Nest?

by Ebony Roberts

There are times in my walk with Christ when I feel uncertain about my gifts, what I should be doing with them, where and when I should use them, if I'm good enough or have what it takes, etc. Have you ever felt that way before? Well I've come to learn thus far in this walk that we are ever learning and growing, and that which we have learned must also be shared. 

About 3 years ago I was questioning who I was in Christ, do I matter, what do I have to offer, and so on. My husband and I attended a marriage retreat that year. There was so much life, love and laughter taking place, and although I am always very outgoing and friendly, I was withdrawn. It seemed like everyone there was in their element and functioning in their gifts except me. (Now let me stop there and say that was the first lie the enemy had sown. He suggests things that are contrary to what God says to make you doubt and walk in fear. He is a liar!) So as the weekend progressed, God began to place me on the hearts of people that did not even know me. They began to call out what they saw. They began to affirm those places in Christ I questioned. Feelings of inadequacy, second guessing and fear tried to overtake me, but God stepped in through prayer and prospective. I then realized that I had what it takes to be who I am destined to be in Christ. I then began praying for others at the retreat. There was one couple in particular that God had me minister to, and when I say I was nervous, I was, but when you are doing God's will He speaks through you. The Holy Spirit comforts you and helps you to breathe words of life into people who need God's touch right in that moment (that is definitely for someone who needs to be encouraged that God is with you). After all was said and done, the couple wanted to know who had spoken and when I went over to them they then released words of encouragement to me (God is awesome in that way). The words that stuck with me the most are "Do you know that you are an eagle?" No one has ever said that to me before until that moment. It struck a cord and so I researched how eagles live and want to share something from Sandy Warrens Fly Like An Eagle: Eagle Facts and Parables on Mentoring that ministered to me:

Sometimes when a young eaglet is fearful of taking its first flight away from the nest, a parent will withhold food to force it out. This is similar to what happens to those who have been closely mentored and the Lord says its time the "fledglings" got their wings. The fledglings find their mentors increasingly unavailable and/or are told to try and hear the Lord for themselves.

That weekend made me realize I was being challenged to live according to my purpose. I was lovingly being pushed into my destiny. I did not even realize that I was not fulfilling my God given purpose, because life was still happening. Being a wife, a mother, self-employed, etc. are the makings of time not being spent with God. Not intentionally, but it does happen, and before you know it there is a crack that the enemy will use to attempt to discredit you and God's hand in your life. We must have faith and stand in agreement for what God has for us to do. Here is something else from the article that ministered to me:

...when I think of wings, I consider them to be parables of our wings of faith. Faith is a heart condition where we stretch out and reach toward the Lord, while the winds of His Spirit holds us afloat. When we flap our wings, we are vigorously exercising our faith through works, based upon what we believe the Lord has told us. And when we soar, we are resting in our trust in the Lord and letting Him carry us amidst the surrounding terrain. The Lord teaches us, through faith, how to rise above difficulties and hindrances in our life. We learn how to rise high enough to gain His perspective on what is below. As I was praying about the concept of soaring with wings as eagles I heard the Lord say that we want a formula. He said there is no formula, only to abide in Him. (John 12:46, 14:16, 15:4,6,7,10)

You are who God says you are and no one can take that away from you. You are destined to be great and do great things through Christ who gives you strength. I believe God's word when it says "you are fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14) May God continue to guide and direct your path. In Jesus name, amen.

In loving memory of Patrick Owens
Dedicated to Kateena Owens

© 2016 Ebony Roberts

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