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~A Note From the Editor~

The following content was written in 2011 by a remarkable woman who would later go on to suffer great personal tragedy. We have published it here now because the messages therein are still very relevant today, and because this article serves as a precursor to her story, the details of which she will share in the upcoming Fall 2016 issue of this publication. No matter who you are, you will be able to take away from this article life lessons that are truly priceless. Enjoy.

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It's 2011... Happy New Year!!!

by Lisa D. Daniels

The close of the year is often a time of reflection for many, and during my personal year-end analysis I realized that we are not only ending another year, but a decade and that my process leading to this stage of spiritual maturity has not taken place within the past twelve months; but rather progressively over the past ten years (I re-committed myself to Christ in 2001). Because I am fully aware (as the title of this site declares) that the experiences of my life have manifested so that I may share and bless the lives of others, I have outlined a few of my most significant life lessons of this decade. Be blessed.

When people show you who they are... believe them.

I have often listened to sister-friends share their experiences of meeting a man and then, not very far into that “getting to know you” phase (when everyone is typically on their best behavior), he begins to exhibit character traits that simply don’t fall in line with their vision for this potential relationship. He may reveal that he doesn’t like kids – and you have two, or you are firm in your desire to be married and he “just wants to kick it.” Believe him and move on. Don’t try to change him, or change your standards. Believe him and move on.

We are all here for something bigger then ourselves.

This statement speaks for itself. Some time ago, I read a passage in a book written by Bishop T.D. Jakes that I never forgot and it changed the way I looked at all of my life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. The statement reads, “It is important to tell your testimony because you may be sitting next to someone who thinks that she can’t make it through something you have already survived.” My thought process was forever changed by reading this one sentence, and I began to view everyone around me as someone who may need to draw strength from my pain. So I share-- my loves, my hurts, my victories and my pitfalls-- with love in my heart. This responsibility gives purpose to my pain and that purpose gives me the strength to endure all of my experiences. My life is not my own.  

We are not our children.

I have watched my youngest son make many decisions about his life which were contrary to anything I would have ever chosen for him, and today he is living out the consequences of those decisions. I remember crying to my mother one day about all of the possible mistakes I thought I made in his upbringing that might have played a role in the fate he is experiencing and she, very calmly, said, “Lisa… this is not your journey, baby, so relax. That boy has got to take this trip on his own… we all do.” As I dried my tears, I realized that she was right. This was not my journey and his actions and life decisions are not the things I taught him, nor were they any reflection on me personally. I gave him all of the love, wisdom and truth I had to give and he insisted on carving out his own path. In those facts, I take comfort in this truth – the Word of God promises me in the book of Luke that he will find his way home. Darren, your mother loves you very much and your Heavenly Father loves you more than that. Thank you for strengthening my faith and teaching me how to pray. See you soon, son.

“Thank you” is the highest praise.

When I can tell God “thank you” in what seems like my darkest hour, what I am actually saying is “Lord, I trust You,” and that is the highest praise. I trust You will bring me through. I trust You will heal. I trust You will comfort. I trust You will provide. I trust You will restore. I trust You will renew. I trust You will promote. I trust You will redeem. I trust You will bring it to pass. I TRUST YOU.  I TRUST YOUR WILL. Thank you Lord!!

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© 2011 Lisa D. Daniels

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