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Volume 2, Summer 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC.

Put Away Childish Things      

by Cicely V. Wilson

There is a vital importance, and necessity, of maturation within the Body of Christ, in order that we may become sons of God (as opposed to maintaining a slave mentality) and have access to our inheritance as we are the heirs of salvation. First, it is important to clarify that “son” of God is not based on gender, but refers to a child of God who shares in the mature nature and likeness of their Father. Therefore, women, have no fear-- WE TOO are called to be SONS. Slaves, like children (immature people), are challenged in several areas:

Children are challenged in the area of imagination.

Before I became a son of God, I remember frequently letting all kinds of ungodly thoughts and desires run rampant through my mind, eventually landing and taking up residence in the compartments of my soul (mind, will, emotions). This was before I learned that I had authority based on 2 Corinthians 10:5 to CAST DOWN imaginations and every HIGH (ungodly) thing that attempts to take precedence over the Word of God and what is contrary to what He has designed for our minds (according to Phillipians 4:8).

Children are challenged in the area of self-discipline.

Prior to son-ship, I was challenged greatly in the area of lasciviousness (having an inclination to lustfulness pertaining to sexual desire). I simply had no governance over my body or discipline of my sexual appetite, even many years after I accepted Christ. Like a child or slave, I sought to fulfill needs and longings by way of perversion, but those needs could only be quenched by identifying with my inheritance of being a son. I made a CHOICE to agree with God that such behavior was not my inheritance. Step-by-step, I began to embrace the light of God in this area and I continue to walk in my promise. My body belongs to God as a son, no longer a slave yielding my members to whomever desires to control them.

Children are challenged in the area of identity.

This is the area that has been the greatest journey of improvement within my life over the years. Without understanding and agreement with God relating to one’s identity, there can never be any further progress and growth. For so many years (prior to identifying with my son-ship) I allowed everyone and anyone to determine for me who I was to be, how to act, where to position myself, etc. It became very laborious and exhausting as I continued to be someone that I was never meant to be. I decided that enough was enough and that it was TIME to receive my inheritance as a SON. I did what was required to walk away from, contend with, and take an offensive stance against anything that was not in agreement with my identity in Christ. I finally knew who God desired me to be and that is-- until the day I die-- GOD’S SON.

© 2016 Cicely V. Wilson

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