VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 2, Summer 2016 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC.


by Tina Steele

Time, time, time.

Such a precious gift.

A piece of eternity

Carved out by the Eternal One,

Decorated with several ornaments--

Years, months, days--

And smaller streamers that further beautify it--

Hours, minutes, seconds.

This gift, given to us…

 Called time.

Time, time

To use as I see fit.

To create, to perform, to accomplish

To discover, to uncover, to unleash.

The power of time

Time, time….

The thing is, once it’s gone

It won’t come back.

It’s gone forever.

Ever wonder where it goes?

Just as flesh returns to the dust,

Its origin, its source,

So does time.

Time, time

Goes back to eternity--

It’s point of conception.

So much unused, untouched, unkempt

Time, time, time

Eternity, time

Seem as different as night and day

But they are actually one in the same,

For eternity is dictated and determined by

What is done with time--

My time, your time.

© 2003 Tina Steele

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June 16, 2016, Penny at penny.ojeda@***.com said:

Birth of a Worshipper

"Tina, this was so good."


July 23, 2016, Darcy at dmich29@***.com said:


Tina, that is great!