VATIC Expressions: Truth, Transparency, Transformation

Volume 3, Spring 2017 Issue. A division of Vatic Publishing®, LLC. 

In the Meantime...

by Tina Steele

In the meantime…

When things are not going as you planned

And it seems that the Creator’s hand

Is either closed, still, or absent.


In the meantime…

As you watch what were supposed to be your best years

Dissolve like salt in the ocean, leaving nothing but tears

And you wonder where the time went.

In the meantime…

While others glory in their gifts, accomplishments and successes

But your hopes and dreams are a chaotic mess, with

No resolution or solution in sight.

In the meantime…

The struggle between Whose you are and how you feel

Heats up and the pain and disappointment are too real…

But He encourages you to fight.

In the meantime…

The resolve to trust, obey, and follow grows

Though the temptation to settle, withdraw, retreat blows

Heavily and causes life-shifting pain.

In the meantime…

The loud whisper of a silent Savior breaks through

Reassuring that an abundant reaping season is due….

With an invitation to embrace His grace and remain

Connected to the Source,

Despite the force


Unfair jabs

That grab

Your heart and try to break it.


Linked to the Root

Regardless of the brute

Strength of disappointing words,

Unfair and hurtful when heard

By ears seeking strength to make it.

Yet in the meantime, He is near.

So close that all the hurt and fear

Dare not come closer to you.

In this meantime, You have grown stronger

Though this season of purging seemed longer

Than you could bear to go through.

In the meantime, when the disappointment attempts to befriend

And take residence in your heart to break and bend…

He reveals His sacred motive and ultimate plan.

That this meantime was His time to create and consume,

Make your heart like His and carve out room

For the abundance, for over flow and His hand

To shift, shape, show and prove

That no season, no setback, nothing can remove

His mark of greatness, favor and grace...

This meantime, this in between time, this trying time

Is an opportunity to seek and find

Your predestined, fulfilling and secret place...

In Him!

© 2017 Tina L. Steele

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