Yvette Bannister's Bio


Yvette Bannister

Pastor Yvette Bannister is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and an inspirational woman of God. She came to the Lord at a young age, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit at age fourteen, under the leadership of Dr. Marie E. Brice of the Pentecostal Church of Deliverance. It was during her graduation from Walbrook Senior High School that she was commissioned for the first time to lead prayer before a large audience of approximately 600. An Evangelist at just nineteen years of age, she taught her first message titled “Get Ready for the Earthquake,” which turned out to be a precursor for drastic changes that were to occur in her own life-- some tragic and others fulfilling. She was ordained Pastor in 2003 in Tampa, Florida, faithfully assisting her former husband in ministry for just over eight years. Pastor Yvette is currently serving under the leadership of Bishop Charles A. Ross of Kingdom Connection Fellowship International, and is the Campus Pastor for N.O.W. Church International (No Opportunity Wasted) in Maryland.

For twenty-five years, Pastor Yvette has served in ministry in various capacities, and has had a passion for teaching people how to apply the Word of God to their everyday lives. A gifted speaker, conference host, and author, she has released her first book, A Silent Cry: The Inner Soul of a Worshiper. Pastor Yvette hosts a monthly prayer conference call, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree at Liberty University College, Lynchburg, Virginia.

For additional information on Lady Yvette Ministries and N.O.W. Church International, and to purchase your copy of A Silent Cry: The Inner Soul of a Worshiper, visit Pastor Yvette online at www.LYMinistries.net or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LYMinistries. The book is also available for sale at online retailer Amazon.com.